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IPG's Iron Grip Duct Tape (AC617) is an unbelievably strong 17-mil black duct tape which adheres well to a variety of surfaces under a wide range of temperature conditions. Watch the video:

Duct Tape / Cloth Tape

Intertape Brand TapeIPG offers a full range of cloth duct tape to satisfy even the most demanding requirements and industry standards. From Utility Grade to Premium Grade HVAC duct tapes, all Intertape® brand tapes are manufactured with high grade raw materials and held to the highest quality standards.

Choose from standard silver and black duct tape to a variety of colors and grades for heavy industrial use, HVAC and plumbing, tough construction jobs, hanging poly-sheeting, bundling, wrapping, sealing and general purpose.

The Anatomy of Duct TapeThe Anatomy of Duct Tape

Duct tape is made of three different layers that give the tape its distinct properties. The top layer is a polyethylene (plastic) film that protects the tape from moisture. The middle layer is a cloth mesh that makes the tape strong but still easily tearable. The bottom layer is a pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive that aggressively sticks to almost anything!

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