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Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas GeomembranesThe need for environmental protection in the oil & gas industry is paramount. Whether you need a pad liner or long term oilfield pit liners, there are a range of geosynthetic / geomembrane liners and products in the AquaMaster® geomembrane product family that are designed for the oil and gas industry. 

The unique design of our geomembrane oil and gas liners makes them ideally suited for the demanding conditions at an oil & gas site. The advanced coatings enhance abrasion resistance and specialized woven reinforcement provides superior puncture and tear resistance while maintaining flexibility, even in cold weather applications. Whether your jobsite is in the arid regions of the Middle East or the Canadian Arctic we have the right product for your oil and gas liner needs.

Geomembrane Liner Oil and GasAquaMaster Geomembrane Oil and Gas Applications:

  • Hydraulic fracturing wastewater containment
  • Temporary & long term oilfield pit liners
  • Secondary containment & pad liners
  • Above ground impoundments
  • Pad liners
  • Floating covers
  • Tank liners
  • And many more!

AquaMaster Geomembrane Oil and Gas Advantages:

  • Light weight construction for easier and cost effective installation and transportation
  • Industry leading warranties 
  • Exceptional tear resistance
  • Technologically designed for UV resistance
  • Factory fabricatable 
  • PE40 & PE45 have a 5-layer structure with a unique interior barrier layer protected by 2 reinforcing layers

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