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Green Initiative

Energy Star Partner

IPG - ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year 2018Intertape Polymer Group, an ENERGY STAR partner since 2009, was recognized for these key 2017 accomplishments:

  • Reducing energy intensity by one percent over 2016. Since 2009, IPG has saved more than $5 million from energy management.
  • Sharing energy management best practices with ENERGY STAR industrial partners to assist in energy benchmarking and encourage energy management.
  • Integrating three newly acquired manufacturing plants into the corporate energy management program.
  • Promoting ENERGY STAR resources to industry through numerous speaking engagements.
  • Continuing to serve as a voice for energy efficiency and management in the Danville, Virginia community by leading a chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers and hosting training for new energy managers.
  • Achieving the goals of the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry recognition at its Carbondale, Illinois plant three times, including in 2017 for an energy intensity reduction of 31 percent.

The 2018 Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Awards are given to a variety of organizations to recognize their contributions to reducing harmful carbon pollution through superior energy efficiency efforts. These awards recognize ongoing leadership across the ENERGY STAR program, including energy-efficient products, services, new homes, and buildings in the commercial, industrial, and public sectors. For more information about ENERGY STAR, visit

PSTC Responsible Tape Manufacturing Certification

PSTC Responsible Tape ManufacturerThe Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC), established in 1953, is a North American trade association representing pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape manufacturers and their affiliate suppliers. The PSTC developed the Responsible Tape Manufacturing certification program which identifies and recognizes PSTC member tape producers that have sustainable best practices in environmental, manufacturing safety and health, and quality control standards. This program assures that its members adhere to both the quality of its products through responsible manufacturing practices as well as the ethical treatment of its employees.

In 2013, IPG proudly took part in this landmark initiative and received certification as a Responsible Tape Manufacturer. In order to be recognized as a Responsible Tape Manufacturer, IPG had to go through a thorough testing process that follows U.S. and ISO regulations, standards, and practices for its tape manufacturing facilities. All practices were reviewed and confirmed by a third-party audit to verify compliance to PSTC’s stringent standards.

As a member of the program, IPG makes the commitment to invest in top quality products and promote environmental awareness, which in turn helps to uphold the well-being of society. For more information about RTM, visit